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We are the First UK Free Computer Self Repair Website. We provided our members with free step by step procedure on how to repair and maintain their computer. Our help ranges from mouse fixing to full IT Support, computer maintenance, repairs, servicing and upgrades. We always offer a flexible approach to our directory users round the clock.

To ease the frustrations of computer users and to provide instructions, information, programs and services in an effective manner so that the average computer user may understand them, to supply these things in the easiest to understand in layman's terms and completely free of charge, Our main aim is to fulfil the needs of members of this website and any individual or small businesses.

Need Computer Help?

Don't want the hassle of installing software or setting up your computer?
Fed up with pop ups, lock ups and poor performance?
Want to save yourself some frustration and money?

Do you say YES to any of these regarding your computer?

Is it slow? Does it has viruses? Is it suffering from hard drive failure? Does your system report no signal failure? Does it needs repairs, upgrades, installation & maintenance, wireless setup?

You have come to the right place; pcselfrepair can with your computer problems. Our Qualified local and national members will repair your mac, laptop or pc remotely for free and in return you can choose to donate to keep this website running if you are happy with the repair service.Click for remote repair help.


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Back Up Your Entire Drive with Disk Image Software

Disk image software is the most complete solution for thoroughly backing up all data on your computer, including the operating system and your programs. Active@ Disk Image gets the job done while offering many useful extra features and ease of use. [ Read more ]

Exploitation of Women... and Men

The article disputes claims of anti-prostitution campaigners that they fight against exploitation of women. It exposes hidden motives driving this campaign: religious bigotry, instinctive jealousy and mafia interests. [ Read more ]

Recover Your Deleted Data with Active@ UNDELETE

Active@ UNDELETE is a data recovery application designed to help you restore deleted data or files on formatted disks or restore disk partitions. [ Read more ]

Industry-Leading Hotspot Software from Antamedia

Antamedia Hotspot Software allows you to manage your wireless connection from any computer whether you want to control access to a small public Wi-Fi service or even an entire city. [ Read more ]

Create Stunning Logos with Logo Design Studio

Logo Design Studio allows you to create professional logos for your business and its products and services with ease. Instead of hiring an expensive professional designer, you'll now be able to choose from 1,500 templates to unleash your creativity. [ Read more ]

Automate FTP Transfers and Free Up Your Day

The basic freeware FTP client leaves a lot to be desired by anyone who regularly works with files over a remote FTP server. However, thanks to FTP Getter 3 Professional, you can now automate FTP and SFTP transfers entirely. [ Read more ]

Skater TOTAL review

Skater TOTAL has the one important feature: it completely hides source code of your whole .NET executable. [ Read more ]

HDD Safeguard - Password protection software external drive

HDD Safeguard is a portable software that allows you to protect your private files with a password on your external big drive using the secure AES 256 bits key. [ Read more ]

Editor.NET 2.5 public release

Editor.NET is an advanced code editor allowing integration of a highly flexible edit control in your .NET applications. [ Read more ]

Organize, Edit and Share Your Photos with ACDSee Photo Manager

ACDSee photo management software provides you with a convenient solution for organizing, editing and sharing your entire photo collection. It is packed full of useful tools to help optimize your workflow and improve efficiency. [ Read more ]

Get the Most Out of Your Images with Photo Editing Software

ACDSee Pro allows you to enjoy complete control over your photo collection from click to finish. It features integrated cloud computing functions, a range of advanced editing features and everything you need to organize your collection optimally. [ Read more ]

Enhance Your Workflow with Powerful Photo Viewer Software

An all-in-one layered editor and digital photo asset manager, ACDSee Ultimate is the ultimate photo software for amateur and professional photographers alike. [ Read more ]

Windows 10 start menu the expert review

Expert review of the Windows 10 start menu based on producing alternative menus for more than 10 years. Comparison of the Windows 10 start menu with the start menu 7. [ Read more ]

How to Automate FTP Uploads and Downloads

A basic FTP client provides no ability to schedule tasks and automate FTP transfers, making the process extremely slow and cumbersome for anyone who regularly works with files stored on an FTP server. [ Read more ]

Image for Windows Keeps Your Data Safe!

A review citing good reasons why Image for Windows is the backup program you need to keep all your data safe and secure. [ Read more ]

Win a free MacBook Air with Opera and Software Informer

An exclusive interview with Opera's Zhenis Beisekov and your chance to win a free, brand new laptop also included. [ Read more ]

Supercharge Your Computer with System Mechanic Professional

Iolo presents System Mechanic Professional, a complete solution for unleashing the maximum performance potential from your PC. Utilizing patented technology, this tune-up software also includes virus protection and much more. [ Read more ]

Enjoy Safer, Freer Internet Access with Middlesurf VPN

Middlesurf VPN allows you to browse the Web anonymously, unblock restricted websites and even change your apparent location. Featuring an easy setup process, this tool promises to transform your digital life. [ Read more ]

Fix Your PC and Improve Performance with System Mechanic Free

Iolo presents System Mechanic Free, a powerful PC tune-up utility that will optimize startup times, defragment your hard disk, clean up junk files and much more. [ Read more ]

Protect Your Privacy with VPN for Windows

With VPN for Windows, you'll be able to protect your privacy whenever you connect to the Internet. Featuring convenient one-click connect and automatic reconnect functions, this windows VPN client presents a fast and reliable service. [ Read more ]